If My Children Were Not Homeschooled…

I came across this post http://thehomeschoolrevolution.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/join-the-homeschool-revolution/ and love the idea of and am eagerly awaiting Mr. Austin Pruitt’s book. I have never contemplated this ‘What if I never homeschooled my children’ scenario, so it has forced me to really contemplate the way my children’s lives could have gone. First of all I would just like to say that I hope when my son is older he will look back fondly on his homeschooling years just like Mr. Pruitt instead of hating me for not giving him the ‘normal’ childhood of others. I have seen other children of my son and daughters ages who do go to public school so I do have some way of comparing their lives, as the school those children go to would have been where I’d have sent mine.

The first drastic change I believe is my childrens’ innocence would be lost. I think its amazing that in this day and age I have somehow managed to keep my 10 year old son oblivious to ‘the birds and the bees’ whilst other kids his age are spreading immoral videos and pictures amongst each other. I do believe most of the people who are arguing against homeschool only think about the curriculum and education being taught at school and they forget that there are other kids there who their child is forced to be around for nearly half of every day. We don’t know exactly what is being taught or from whom. What I remember most from my school days are the trends, games, stories and useless facts shared between us students. Especially in todays world where every Tom, Dick and Harry has a phone or other internet device where ANYTHING is accessible.

Another main change would be that my child would probably become more materialistic. I’ve seen a number of kids complaining that they don’t have this video game or that gadget or even famously branded socks! My children still get excited using their pocket money at the local thrift store or charity shop. Another change would be that from my observations of my kids as they play with others at parks, I do believe that bullying could be a very realistic problem. I know many of the kids their age believe its normal to even talk to their own friends in a degrading manner or use profanity. Many public school children have the mentality instilled in them to ‘bully or be bullied’. I truly hope that my kids do not have to learn that lesson in life, especially at such a young age. I also believe that had my children attended public school, they would be very disobedient and disrespectful to their elders. I regularly take them to visit their grandparents and great-grandmother as well as doctors and dentists and am always commented on how well they behave with their elders, as it is not the norm for children their age nowadays. I’m sure this is due to the morals and values taught at home which they seem to neglect in public schools’ curriculum.

I have just highlighted a few changes that I can think of at the moment. However, this is a difficult thing to imagine as they could turn out to be the exception. The other kids that I have seen which attend public school may be better writers or mathematicians than my kids but I do believe that a persons character is more important. I feel confident in saying that regardless of how my children turn out, I have made the right decision for me and my family from what I know and have experienced. I just hope to do the best I can.

I would just like to point out that I can only comment on what I see around me and what I have experienced in my life. I was raised with a loving yet strict family and attended a private school. It was an exceptional school in todays standard as I never once witnessed or was involved in any bullying case. And respect, honor and integrity were a main part of our lives as students. The decision to homeschool was from my experiences of schools here in the country I later moved to. I spent a couple years in an all girls public school and was beyond appalled. I couldn’t believe that on my first day of public school a 15 year old girl was telling me that she had sex with a boy the night before and because he wasn’t any good she was going to dump him today. I was considered very odd to hold the view that we should abstain until marriage. To say that I was shocked is an understatement because in the first year I was there, there were three abortions of girls aged between 13 and 15 (and was equally astounded that according to the laws here they could hide this from their parents) as well as a girl on girl rape case involving 15 year old students. Therefore, I can only judge and make decisions for my family from where I live and what I believe is best.

“The home is the first and most effective place to learn the lessons of life: truth, honor, virtue, self control, the value of education, honest work, and the purpose and privilege of life. Nothing can take the place of home in rearing and teaching children, and no other success can compensate for failure in the home.” 

David O. McKay


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