The Versatile Blogger. Me?

ImageWell today has been a very blessed day. I have actually been pretty busy the last couple of days with the house, kids and studying for my driving theory test.  It’s a bit late but about time, I PASSED. (YAY!) Now I’ve just got to figure out a way to fit in some lessons and pass my practical test.

Anyway, I was having a good day when I saw that I received a nomination for a ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ on here. I’m really humbled and honored that donnasbookshelf actually even read my page let alone liked it enough to nominate me. Thank You! I’m very new to this whole thing and honestly didn’t even know there were blogging awards. I think it’s a great idea and pretty good incentive to continue, even though I already love this ‘blogging community’ and hope to continue blogging for a long time yet.

So According to the rules I must nominate 15 bloggers and say 7 things about myself.

I nominate the following bloggers:

I have really loved the ideas and inspiration I have found from the bloggers above. It is really comforting to know that we are all in the same boat and there are people generous enough to share their ideas and struggles through this life in order to help and encourage others. Keep up the great work!

Here are the seven things about myself:

I am an avid reader and somehow find time to either read self help, household, organizational or homeschooling books, and perhaps sneak in a historical romance or two.

I was a very active child. So my parents put me in Rainbows then Brownies then Girl Guides and I ended up in the Royal Air Force Cadets.

I was a member of a softball team for 5 years and Basketball team for 3.

I dream of backpacking across ANYWHERE and using all my survival skills and some.

I secretly dream of having loads more kids to rival the Duggars, buy my own island and live self sufficiently.

I am an enthusiastic DIY-er. I will try anything before hiring anyone.

My hobbies include sewing, crocheting and knitting but I never have much time to complete anything larger than a bag.

So I have had a really good day and so have my kids as I had to leave them with babysitters and have a day off of the homeschool. It’s been a fun day for them, playing games and making crafts all day.

‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift from God, which is why we call it the present’

Bil Keane


3 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger. Me?

  1. We have met the Duggars and they are a wonderful family. I didn’t get the chance to have more children than the two I have, but I love that so many families are choosing to leave how many children they have up to God. Yes, children are most definitely a blessing!

    • Yes they are! I always feel bad when I moan about my kids. I should just be happy I have them. I have constantly be on the verge of ‘I want more’ or ‘NO MORE!’. So I decided a while back to leave it in Gods hands. God doesn’t give us a burden we cannot bear.

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