Homeschool – Second Week of December Overview!

sdoWe are learning and reviewing all about Nouns this week for our ‘Grammar Board’. I’ve changed a few things, by adding pockets on the wall, so I can just slip in their work and don’t have to keep sticking their work on and off the wall. I’ve also decided to create lapbook book reports, so they can increase their love of reading, see their accomplishments creatively and share those stories in their own words.

We’ve been continuing our Weather Unit and lapbooks for science. I’ve decided that we are going to complete similar units from each subject with all the kids (ex. weather) but do individual work according to their retrospective grades. This has been the best idea I’ve had for teaching so far! It has not only been a huge load off my shoulders but we’ve actually enjoyed this all together. I have previously been going through their individual textbooks and doing different topics with each of my kids at the same time. It’s been very confusing and a lot of work for me.

We have also been studying the Story Of The World books for our History and have learnt and completed some activities and worksheets about what we learnt. We are completing the book through notebooking, as this is a great way to incorporate handwriting lessons as well. I have also been able to incorporate a lesson on the life of Nelson Mandela and we watched his documentary together. It was a great lesson as the kids were fascinated about how one man could make such a difference and be so forgiving.

For our Grammar work and Math work we have been compiling what we learnt in the form of notebooking binders. Which once we’ve filled out a bit more, I will post and include pics, my printables, games and activities we used. I’ve decided that its a lot more organized and I can see at a glance which units we have covered, mastered and what needs more work.

We have also had a day creating salt dough ornaments, very messy but worth all the joy. I highly recommend this activity, simple and fun.

If anyone has any other tips or ideas or just want to let me know what you think about our week please leave me a comment. I would also appreciate any homeschoolers with similar blogs to let me know who you are so I can find you. I love sharing and incorporating ideas of other homeschoolers or classrooms. Or to just read for some inspiration.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela


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