Learning Through Creativity!


Painting today! After our classes today we ended the day painting last weeks salt dough ornaments. The kids loved this! It was a great incentive to get them to complete the rest of their work pretty quickly as they couldn’t wait to get their hands dirty. Which they did quite a bit. My toddler decided, as per usual, her favorite canvas to display her art was her body. Another great thing whilst we were creating the salt dough ornaments was that I managed to slip in a ‘shapes’ lesson, learning the different names for the shapes with a certain number of sides (squares, hexagons, octagons and even rhombus).


I’ve also let free reign on the ‘Grammar Board’ and assigned each child a division of Nouns to make a poster for. Common, Plural and Collective, which they had to then include each category of nouns (person, place, thing, animal, idea). I liked the blank canvas approach as opposed to the prepared posters. It included a healthy dose of competition. I attempted to lead by example of course, by drawing out the ‘definition of a noun’ poster instead of printing it out.


The kids have also been learning some confidence building / presentation skills as they have been acting out nursery rhymes and plays for me. They collaborated in a ‘huddle’ together and divided portions of the poems or stories to act out each. It was very enjoyable for me and they learnt to delegate positions (surprisingly without fighting) as well as create elaborate costumes and have the courage to act silly, read and sing. They also somehow managed to get my toddler to join in, which in itself is quite a miracle. They are usually shy so I’m not sure if its all the extra hands on activities lately or if they are just growing up and coming out of their shell but I’m very pleased. My son actually asked me if we could have school everyday including weekends. With his very selective memory, this is highly unlikely but I really hope his enthusiasm lasts!

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Albert Einstein


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