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Homeschool – Second Week Of January Overview

ImageI have had an incredibly busy last few weeks. We have been getting back into the hang of things with our homeschooling this week. It has been a very rocky start back after the holidays. Even though this is quite common with many children, especially seeing as my kids have been without a set routine for the past month or so, it isn’t any less frustrating.

At the beginning of the week I gave a small review quiz of the previous months work and they did not score a satisfactory enough mark for me. So we have taken this week to really review and revive their school routines in the process. I have also begun the Writing With Skills curriculum by Susan Bauer this week with my son. Its a bit sad that the eldest child is the one we all experiment on and practice our parenting skills with. I’m hoping if I like this writing curriculum then I shall incorporate it with my younger daughters. So far it is very good as it reminds me of the very basic skills, which I don’t think I have taught my son. I love the fact that it shows how other writers organize their work and gives practical tips on how to organize and summarize your own writing. It even includes extra tidbits that slip my mind when teaching my son about writing, such as superscripts and footnotes.

We have completed and reviewed our weather, air and water unit from last month and our nouns work. Therefore, I am happy now with their progress to begin our Solar Systems unit next week as well as learning about verbs. We are still going to be continuing our fractions work this week, as the multiplication and division of fractions has taken quite a few more lessons than I had planned. I have been reviewing different teaching methods in order to make this easier and will try a few more approaches to this next week.

I have been having a slight problem with my disciplining technique recently. I have said before that I have needed to update my techniques quite a lot as the kids have gotten used to them and end up arguing and disobeying them. Therefore, I really want to stick this one out but am at a loss as to how to approach this new development. I am currently disciplining by rewarding good behavior and ‘correcting / punishing’ bad behavior. This has been working great for a while with the kids eager to earn points and receive their rewards. However, recently they have become great negotiators. They have been asking me what the punishment is and deciding that its worth taking. As well as negotiating their rewards, saying they will obey as long as they get … I have not yet lost my temper which I am very pleased about and want to keep that way, but it ends up turning into a serious (and sometimes long) negotiation. Where I am convincing them that there is no choice in the matter you either complete what I have asked, whether schooling or chores, and as a result you will receive a reward. They are in turn attempting to convince me that the reward isn’t worthy of the task and I should therefore increase their rewards.

I am astounded by this. I honestly don’t understand what the difference was between my parenting and my parents’ parenting, however I would NEVER even consider talking back to them let alone negotiating rules. I don’t know how to overcome this current hiccup in their behavior. However, I do want to nip this in the bud before it gets worse. This technique has been working so far so I need to try to find a way to keep this reward and punishment system but perhaps include harsher punishments and sweeter rewards. This requires more studying and researching. I will need to go back and read more of Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson this week.

Please feel free to share your disciplining techniques and what has worked for you.

“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.” 

Sigmund Freud


Homeschool – First Week of January Overview

We have been ill this week but managed to get better by the weekend. Once our sicknesses were over we did a very well needed spring clean of the house and managed to organize all the places I always put to the bottom of my list of priorities. Therefore, we got rid of the germs and have prepared for the next weeks homeschooling. I have received the ‘Writing With Skill’ books by Susan Wise Bauer and have been preparing the lessons I need to add in our schedule this week. My kids are looking forward to beginning their schooling again, I’m sure kids secretly or in this case openly crave structure. They have been quite difficult when there is no structure and they are all free to do their own thing. This is usually when we need to expect the fights, screaming and tears. I managed to do a little shopping and get a few items I’ve been wanting to get for the house during the January sales. Its better late than never, right?

My eldest has Saturday school which gives him a chance to get the social benefits of interacting with other kids his age as well as learning through a school environment. He was very excited about his first day back after the holidays and has enjoyed himself there.

January’s homeschooling theme for us will be about the Solar System. This will be our new unit in Science and therefore we will begin learning and crafting to decorate our classroom for this theme. The kids have enjoyed school a lot more now that we have more of a visual classroom than a living room and are all around happier with homeschooling. Therefore, I am more motivated about teaching them and being innovative and creative to keep up their enthusiasm. Nobody said parenting or homeschooling is easy but its such an amazing experience which I can not even put into words. So, I am looking forward to going on this January journey of learning and teaching. I am just hoping that they appreciate this as they grow into well rounded individuals and I successfully fulfil my duties towards them as a mother!

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” 



I’ve been wanting to create a blog in order to record my homeschooling experience for myself (instead of hoarding piles and piles of papers) and for anyone interested in homeschooling, either to see what its all about or to have some insight for their own homeschooling journey. Making the decision for educating your own children is difficult regardless who you are or where you come from. I myself am in an area where it is pretty foreign to homeschool. I have been actively searching for anyone in the area where we live so I can have some type of a support group or monthly get together for the kids but have come up empty handed.

Everyone, everywhere has their own individual reasons on why they do anything, from work to play and everything in between. We all accomplish tasks in our own unique ways. This is true also for our educating children. I believe its the protective gene in us Mothers that makes our opinions hold such a great weight, that it is sometimes difficult to change our minds when it comes to our children’s upbringing. However, regardless in the way we raise our children, we all do it the way we believe is right and best for us. One of my inspirations came by the reality TV show about the Duggar family’s journey through life. I find it amazing that they can raise children with innocence and morals in today’s day and age as well as in one of the most morally corrupted countries in the world. I believe that most of their success lies in the choice to homeschool their children.

I remember when I found out I was first pregnant, how excited I felt and how much I anticipated the birth of my baby. I was picturing days out at the park, pretty dresses, ice cream, rainbows, joy and laughter. Four children and 10 years later I have realized the enormous responsibility and weight of raising another human being dependent on you to learn the ins and outs of this world. There are times when I feel like my child is a fish amongst sharks and times when I feel like my child is a lion amongst lambs. Those days when I feel the former are so nerve racking that I can literally feel my hair receding. Yet, those days when I feel the latter I can’t even put into words the pride, love and gratitude I have at that moment, that I truly become blissfully amnesic of all the hardships that have brought me to that point in my life.

That is one of the beauties after all of being human. Isn’t it? That we are forgetful creatures. Which brings me to why I have decided to create this blog. God willing, I am hoping that perhaps I shall have some place to remember my trials, successes and errors as a parent, and join a community which I am looking forward to listening to their advice or positive criticism (I hope!). This is all in order for me to become the best parent or person I can be and to help others where I can as I go through the many techniques I am learning as a parent and homeschooler.

To acquire knowledge one must study. To acquire wisdom one must observe.’ 

Marilyn Vos Savant